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Spiders a problem?

Termico Technicians are trained and experienced in applying pesticides safely to eradicate spiders. We have a selection of chemicals available to us and professional equipment suited to large spray applications. We know where spiders hide and can identify and treat them more effectively and thoroughly with their particular habits in mind.

Why are they considered to be pests?

Redback spiders in particular can deliver a very painful and dangerous bite. Most people know that, but those who are new to the Perth area may not be aware of the prevalence or the toxicity of this spider. Seek medical treatment if you are bitten.            

Generally most people just don’t want spiders around their homes. Their webs look unsightly and if not controlled can engulf fence capping, window frames and gutters.

What can home-owners do to control them? 

If spider infestations are widespread around a property, a do-it-yourself treatment may be a bit daunting and it might well be cheaper and easier to call a professional operator. Keep store rooms, garages and sheds tidy and clear up rubble in the yard. Choosing lighting that is less likely to attract insects will help reduce spider numbers.

Termico Spider Treatments

Termico offer a complete service in the eradication of spiders from your home, these include:

1. Inspection – Fully inspect your home and report findings to you

2. Aerosol – This treatment involves flushing crevices and cracks

3. Dusting – Applying dust to voids and drains in and around the home

4. Wet Surface Spray – A wet spray is applied to exterior walls and areas of pest harbourage

5. Pest-free Advice – Once the eradication treatment is complete we will advise you on how to help reduce future problems.

Spider Facts

Spiders are arachnids belonging to the order Araneida (apparently from mythology “The spinner of fate”). They are a useful predator of pest insects but most home owners consider spiders themselves to be pests. Thousands of species are found in Australia and their appearance and habits are many and varied. Most arachnids, including spiders are nocturnal and daytime encounters most often occur when they are disturbed. Females are typically much larger than males and are more likely to remain in one place. Males travel more, trying to find a female with which to mate. 

All spiders are carnivorous, feeding on insect and other arthropods including other spiders. They render their prey immobile by injecting venom with their fangs before consuming its bodily fluids.  Web-spinning spiders, in particular, find our homes and other structures a most suitable place to live.

Identifying Spiders

Of the thousands of spiders found in Australia only a few are considered to be dangerous to people. The white tail while certainly venomous is probably unjustly feared.


  • Large abdomen and long legs.
  • Male 3-4mm – Female 12-15mm 
  • Black with a distinctive red – orange stripe on top of the abdomen.
  • Pale area under the abdomen.
  • Makes a loose web usually low to the ground in sheltered areas; often in garages, sheds, under plant pots or amongst rubble. 
  • Female can deliver a very toxic and very painful bite. 

Black house

  • Large abdomen.
  • Male 8-10mm – Female 15-18mm.
  • Dark brown-black.
  • Makes a felted web with a tunnel in the centre.
  • Commonly found under fence capping and gutters.
  • Painful toxic bite.

White tail

  • Cigar shaped body.
  • Male 5-8 mm – Female 12-15mm.
  • Grey-black with a white mark on the end of the abdomen.
  • Lives under the bark of trees but will venture into homes.
  • The notion that its bite causes necrosis of the skin is not confirmed.

If you have a Spider problem call our dedicated Customer Service Team today

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